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Projects Completed in 1999

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Project Title


Rod Abell

Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) of Aged Power Equipment

Rick Middleton

Craig Bachelor

A Software Solution for Audio Processing Design

Brett Ninness

Matt Bastian

Ultrasonic Inspection System (with Novatex)

Brett Ninness

Arion Blishen

An Ethernet Bridge and TCP/IP in Software

Peter Moylan

Graeme Booker

Simulator for an ASIC Design Laboratory

Siew Wah Chan

Jeff Boslem

Multimedia Communications Over TCP/IP

Peter Moylan

Geoff Carlton

Low Cost PABX (with Novatex)

Bob Betz

Nathan Clement

Hardware Implementation of the Java Virtual Machine

Steve Weller

Grant Conradie

Analogue to Digital Converters

Rick Middleton

David Cowan

Domestic Electrical Power Monitoring

Stewart Lithgow

Anthony Cramp

An Application of the High Level Architecture - Virtual Ship

Peter Moylan

Scott Croal

Construction and Development of a Solar Car

Stewart Lithgow

Tim Dunkley

Current Controlled Voltage Source Inverter - Data Acquisition and Protection

Brian Cook

Andrew Fleming

Sleep Studies System (with John Hunter Hospital)

Bruce Penfold

Nathan Goodchild

Audio Spectrum Analysis using Multi-rate Filtering Techniques

Brett Ninness

Jason Gorham

VHDL Based design of a RISC Processor

Siew Wah Chan

Brendan Gregg

Automatic Control of a Robotic Arm via a TCP/IP Network

Ian Webster

Leif Hanlen

Broadband Acoustic Beamforming

Ian Webster

Rohan Harrison

Electronic Ballboy Mark II (with Timothy Schmidt)

Rick Middleton

Andrew Harvey

An Integrated Development Environment

Peter Moylan

Ben Haszard

An ENG Monitoring System (with John Hunter Hospital)

Bruce Penfold

Bradley Hawkes

A Robotic Draughts Player

Ian Webster

Luke Hellowell

EMAT Pipe Weld Inspection (with C.W. Pope)

Bob Betz

Ryan Hudson

Simple Cycloconverter Based Soft Starter/Efficiency Controller

Rick Middleton

Sarah Johnson

Electronic Drainage Bond (with Energy Australia)

Bruce Penfold

Garry Johnston

Advanced Control of Chemical Processes

Liuping Wang

Elizabeth Karpiel

Development of Soft Sensors for Food Extrusion Process

Liuping Wang

Stephen Mavay

Telemetry System for Solar Powered Car

Ian Webster

Darren McGilvray

Sigma Delta Analogue to Digital Converters

Colin Coates

David Naylor

Car History Recorder

Bruce Penfold

Jennifer Padgett

Development of a Solar Vehicle

Gunilla Burrowes

Dennis Pearce

Sugar Pan Scheduling for CSR

Peter Moylan

Glenn Platt

Power Line Carrier Communications

Brian Cook

Simon Plumbe

An 8085A Simulator

Siew Wah Chan

Peter Ribbons

Development of a Camless Engine

Ian Webster

Graeme Russ

Autotuning of MIMO Control Loops

Graham Goodwin

Victor Sawang

Optimising a Renewable Energy System for Domestic Users

Colin Coates

Jan Schmidt

Electronic Ballboy Mark II (with Rohan Harrison)

Rick Middleton

Scott Simpson

Study of Relaxation Mechanisms in an Aged Transformer using "Recovery Voltage Measurement"

Rick Middleton

Matthew Smith

System Identification and Control of Flexible Structures

Reza Moheimani

Evan Spalding

Fieldbus Interface to Telemetry Processor

Peter Moylan

Gregory Swanson

VHDL Based Design of a RISC Processor

Siew Wah Chan

Allan Sweeney

Design and Control of a Four Tank Laboratory Apparatus

Will Heath

Paul Terry

Analogue Control of a Loudspeaker to Improve Bass Response

Ian Webster

Rachel Townsend

Communications Laboratory Experiences

Minyue Fu

Adam Van Dyck

EMAT Pipe Weld Inspection (with C.W. Pope)

Bob Betz

Jern Tat Wang

Small Office Internet Connection Software (with Novatex)

Bob Betz

Mark Waterman

Development of a PC Interface Trainer

Steve Weller

Brad Yager

Data Communication Over Radio Networks - Improving Speed and Reliability

Bob Betz

Jeremy Yarnold

Simultaneous Confocal Microscope Image Capture and Electrophysiology

Steve Weller





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