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MADCAP Project Overview

Soil carbon is a key element within the global carbon cycle. The soil carbon pool is two times the size of the atmospheric and more than three times the size of the biotic pools. Despite its significance, there is a general lack of understanding of the carbon cycle at regional and sub-regional (i.e. catchment and hillslope) scales.

In this study we examine soil carbon and nitrogen for a number of hillslopes within the Goulburn River catchment in the Upper Hunter Valley, Australia. We relate hillslope position, soil erosion and deposition (using the 137Caesium technique), vegetation (including remotely sensed NDVI data), and a number of soil properties (including pH, EC, soil moisture) to evaluate soil carbon and nitrogen content spatially and temporally.

High resolution 10m digital elevation model (DEM) of Krui subcatchment.

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