Fundamental Limitations in Filtering and Control

M.M. Seron, J.H. Braslavsky and G.C. Goodwin

London: Springer, 1997. xii, 372 p.: illustrated (114 figures) Communications and control engineering series. Includes bibliographical references (p. 353-360) and index (p. 361-371). ISBN 3-540-76126-8

From the Preface:

This book deals with the issue of fundamental limitations in filtering and control system design. This issue lies at the very heart of any design problem, since it reveals what is achievable, and conversely what is not achievable, on the basis of structural and dynamic characteristics of the system.

The subject has a rich history beginning with the seminal work of Bode during the 1940's and as subsequently published in his well known book Feedback Amplifier Design (Van Nostrand, 1945). The original motivation for the study of fundamental limitations in feedback was control system design. However, it has been recently realized that similar constraints hold for many related problems including filtering and fault detection. Recent developments in the field of fundamental design limitations include extensions to multivariable systems, sampled-data, periodic, and nonlinear problems.

At this point in time, a considerable body of knowledge has been assembled on this topic. It is thus timely to summarize the key developments in a modern and comprehensive text. This is the principal objective of this book, which covers all necessary background and gives new succinct treatments of Bode's original work together with all contemporary results.

This book should be of interest to researchers, junior graduate students and practitioners from diverse fields, including Control, Communications, Signal Processing, and Applied Mathematics.

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