Julio H. Braslavsky

Sampled­-Data Control Systems

A control system where the continuous­-time plant is controlled with a digital device is a sampled­-data system. Under periodic sampling, the sampled­-data system is time­-varying but also periodic, and thus it may be modeled by a simplified discrete­-time system obtained by discretizing the plant. However, this discrete model does not capture the intersample behavior of the real system, which may be critical in a number of applications.

The analysis of sampled­-data systems incorporating full time information leads to new challenging control problems with a rich mathematical structure. Many of these problems have been solved only very recently.

Here are the latest papers on sampled­-data I have co­-authored:
My PhD thesis:


Frequency Domain Analysis of Sampled-data Control Systems, J. Braslavsky. The University of Newcastle, 1995, ISBN 7259 0905 6. Abstract | Full text as a zip-compressed postscript file (681K) or as a PDF file (1.5M).

More on Sampled-Data among my 1992-95 ECE Technical Reports.

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